History, Facts, & Myths


Hermano Stereo is REAL, last seen around Bloomfield, NJ.  Accidentally released into the wild in the spring of 2011, Hermano Stereo was an experiment gone awry created by Scott Nicastro and Montana Loran.  Hermano Stereo doesn’t play well with others, but currently has been seen playing with Eric Schiwe, a local hero among cryptozoologists. Heralded for his ability to navigate the treacherous and often patience draining habitat of the elusive creature, Eric has been able to live among Hermano Stereo since 2013.


  • Never approach Hermano Stereo, wait for it to come to you
  • If you do approach Hermano Stereo, do so loudly
  • On the 3rd to last full moon of the year Hermano Stereo can not be seen, no one knows why but it’s fucking true
  • Hermano Stereo always eats before swimming
  • Hermano Stereo is behind you


  • Hermano Stereo cares
  • Hermano Stereo isn’t REAL
  • Hermano Stereo doesn’t like Yahtzee